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Is Elderly Care in Your Future? It's in Everyone's Future!

Elderly care in the future is everyone's concern.
Very likely, each of us will be required to deal with it at some point in our lifetime. It is possible that we will play first the role of the caregiver and then become the beneficiary of elderly care ourselves. The statistics tell the tale. We are living longer active lives. We stay healthier longer but frailty is inevitable and we slow down. With that, we need help to continue living in our own homes. Who will provide the needed care for our parents now and ourselves in the future?
Historically speaking, elderly care is a recent issue.
My grandparents had nine children. They lived in their own home for life with plenty of children and ...

Elder Care In Your Home?!

If you share your home with an elderly parent then you have both benefited from the arrangement. Your children are the beneficiaries of the love and wisdom of a grandparent. You have back up for childcare, help with household chores and emotional support only a parent can provide. Your mind is at ease because your parent is in a safe place under your watch. The parent benefits from close family relationships and relief from the full responsibility required to maintain separate living quarters. Elder care in your home can benefit all members of the family.
The balance tilts when the elderly parent develops serious health issues that compromises his mobility, safety and independence. The onse ...

Holiday Season Lonliness - Perk Up a Senior Near You!

Elder Care: Loneliness during the Holiday Season
When I met Sandy last summer, she was a happy, vibrant, active senior citizen who was facing her still relatively fresh Alzheimer’s diagnosis head-on and with a positive and hopeful attitude. She loved watching old movies and taking walks in the neighborhood park with the two grandchildren she shared a house with, and looked forward to socializing with other senior citizens at least once a week at the local senior center. Her mood was completely different when I saw her again six months later, five days before Christmas. She seemed depressed and moody, and her attitude was considerably less hopeful. Upon talking to her further I realiz ...

Elder Care Decisions - Makes Being a Responsible Adult a Tough Pill Swallow Sometimes!

Let’s face it. Sometimes being an adult just stinks. It stinks all the way up one hill and it stinks all the way back down. There are responsibilities that we have to face and on a lot of those days it makes us want to hand in our ‘grown up card’ and hide in a blanket fort in our pajamas and not come out for weeks.
Unfortunately when faced with elder care, this can be one of those “I don’t wanna grow up” moments. There are about a million questions you have and sometimes it doesn’t seem like you are ever going to get the right answer. Nothing can make us feel like more of a child then when we feel helpless when it comes to our aging parents. We want ...